The following is the collection of some abbreviations related to Internet & E-mail functions. For example, if you don't know what FAQ stands for, you can refer it to the following table. FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Question List". We will be very happy if the table below can help you learn Internet and E-mail functions. Note that some abbreviations should not be used in your letters.

:-( frowning None
:-) smiling None
:-# smiley with braces None
:-{) smiley with a mustache None
:-T indifferent None
:-D laughing None
:-x my lips are sealed None
;-) winking None
{:-) smiley with a toupee None
=:-( real cool teenagers don’t smile None
=:-) cool teenager None
AFAIK as far as I know Improper expression in your letters  
afs File accessed via Andrew File System  
alt alternative newsgroups, many different topics  
API Application Programming Interface  
Approved: identifies moderator who posted article  
ARPA the United Stages Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange  
ASPs Active Server Pages  
ASAP as soon as possible
at Austria  
at: everywhere in Austria  
au Australia  
AU Audio File  
AVI Audio/Visual Interleaved Data  
az Azerbaijan  
BBL be back later Improper expression in your letters  
BBSs Bulletin Board Systems  
BCNU be seeing you Improper expression in your letters  
be Belgium  
bionet biology  
BIT Binary Digit  
bit many topics: from Bitnet mailing lists  
biz business, marketing, advertisements  
bm Bermuda  
BPS Bits Per Second  
br Brazil  
BRB be right back Improper expression in your letters  
BRI Basic Rate Interface  
BTW by the way IImproper expression in your letters  
by Belarus  
BYE goodbye (I am ready to stop talking)  
BYE? Goodbye? (are you ready to stop talking?)  
ca Canada  
ca: everywhere in California  
CBF Code-Behind-Forms  
CDT Central Daylight Time  
CERN Counseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire  
CGI Common Gateway Interface  
ch Switzerland (Confoederatio Helvetica)  
cid Content identifier for a Mime body part  
cl Chile  
cm Cameroon  
cn China  
co Columbia  
com Commercial Organization  
comp computers  
Control: contains special administrative commands  
cr Costa Rica  
CS Computer Science  
CSO Computing Services Office  
CST Central Standard Time  
CTSS Compatible Time-Sharing System  
CU see you (good-bye) Improper expression in your letters  
CUL see you later Improper expression in your letters  
CUL8R see you later Improper expression in your letters   
cy Cyprus  
cz Czech Republic  
Date: time and date article was posted  
DCC Direct Client to Client  
DDL Data Definition Language  
de Germany (Deutschland)  
Distribution: recommendation for where to send article  
dk Denmark  
DNS Domain Name System  
DOS Disk Operating System  
DTD Document Type Definition  
dz Algeria  
ec Ecuador  
EDT Eastern Daylight Time  
edu Educational Institution  
ee Estonia  
EFNet Eris-Free Network  
eg Egypt  
es Spain (Espana)  
EST Eastern Standard Time  
europe: everywhere in Europe  
Expires: recommendation for when to remove article  
F2F face to face Improper expression in your letters  
FAQ Frequently Asked Question List  
fi Finland  
fj Fiji  
fo Faroe Islands  
FOAF friend of a friend Improper expression in your letters   
Followup-To: shows where followup articles will be sent  
Foo, Bar and Foobar Whenever you want to refer to something without a name, you can use “foo” or “foobar”. When you want to refer to two things without a name, you use “foo” and “bar”.  
fr France  
From: userid and address that posted the article  
FRP fantasy role-playing  
FTL faster than light  
ftp File accessed via ftp  
FWIW for what it’s worth Improper expression in your letters   
FYI for your information Improper expression in your letters  
GADBDP Generally-Accepted Database Design Practice  
gb Great Britain  
GIF Graphics Interchange Format  
gl Greenland  
GMT Greenwich Mean Time  
gn Guinea  
gopher Gopher resource  
gov Government  
gr Greece  
gu Guam (US)  
GUI Graphical User Interface  
hk Hong Kong  
hr Hungary  
HTML Hypertext Markup Language  
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol  
humanities the arts and humanities  
id Indonesia  
IDC Internet Database Connector  
ie Republic of Ireland  
il Israel  
IMAO in my arrogant opinion Improper expression in your letters  
IMHO in my humble opinion Improper expression in your letters 
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion Improper expression in your letters 
IMO in my opinion Improper expression in your letters  
IMPs Interface Message processors  
in India  
inst182 local to department #182 (Institut #182)  
int International Organization  
ir Iran  
IRC Internet Relay Chat  
is Iceland  
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network  
it Italy  
ITS Incompatible Time-Sharing System  
JAM just a moment Improper expression in your letters  
jm Jamaica  
jp Japan  
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group  
k12 kindergarten through high school  
Keywords: one or more words to categorize the article  
kr Korea (South)  
kz Kazachstan  
L8R later Improper expression in your letters   
LAN Local Area Network  
lb Liechtenstein  
Lines: size of the body + signature  
lk Sri Lanka  
LOBjects Line of Business Objects  
local: local to the site  
lt Lithuania  
lu Luxembourg  
lv Latvia  
ma Morocco  
mailserver Data accessed via a mail server  
mailto Mail a message to the specified address  
md Moldavia  
MDT Mountain Daylight Time  
Message-ID: unique identifier for the article  
mid Identifier of a specific mail message  
mil Military  
Mime Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions  
misc anything that doesn't fit into another category  
mo Macao  
MODEM Modulation/Demodulation  
MOTAS member of the appropriate sex Improper expression in your letters   
MOTD message of the day Improper expression in your letters   
MOTOS member of the opposite sex Improper expression in your letters   
MOTSS member of the same sex Improper expression in your letters   
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group  
MST Mountain Standard Time  
MUD Multiple User Dungeon or Multiple User Dialogue  
MUSH Multi-User Shared Hallucination  
mx Mexico  
my Malaysia  
na: everywhere in North America  
net Networking Organization  
news about Usenet itself  
news Usenet newsgroup  
Newsgroups: newsgroups to which the article was posted  
nfs File accessed via Network File System  
ni Nicaragua  
nl Netherlands  
NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol  
nntp Usenet news for local NNTP access only  
NNTP-Posting Host: Name of Internet host that posted article  
no Norway  
NT-1 Network Terminator for Layer 1  
nz New Zealand  
Ob- [as a prefix] obligatory  
OBJOKE Obligatory Joke  
OBTW oh, by the way Improper expression in your letters   
ODBC Open Database Connectivity  
OLE Object Linking and Embedding  
org Non-Profit Organization  
Organization: describes the person’s organization  
OS Operating System  
OTOH on the other hand Improper expression in your letters  
pa Panama  
PAML Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists  
Path: shows transit route of the article  
PC Personal Computer  
PDT Pacific Daylight Time  
pe Peru  
ph Philippines  
PICO Pine Composer  
pl Poland  
PMFJI pardon me for jumping in Improper expression in your letters   
POP Point of Presence  
POP Post Office Protocol  
POV point of view Improper expression in your letters  
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol  
pr Puerto Rico  
PRI Primary Rate Interface  
prospero Resource accessed via a Prospero directory server  
PST Pacific Standard Time  
pt Portugal  
QBE Query-By-Example  
R U THERE? Are you there? Improper expression in your letters   
RDO Remote Data Object  
re Reunion (French)  
rec recreation, hobbies, the arts  
References: identifies article to which followup refers  
Reply-To: address to which to send personal replies  
RFC Request for Comment Improper expression in your letters   
rlogin Interactive login session  
ro Romania  
ROTF rolling on the floor Improper expression in your letters   
ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing Improper expression in your letters   
RPG role-playing games  
RTFM before you ask a question, read the manual Improper expression in your letters   
ru Russian Federation  
sa Saudi Arabia  
sci science of all types  
sdnet: local to San Diego Country  
se Sweden  
SEC... wait a second  
Sender: address of computer that sent out article  
sg Singapore  
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language  
si Slovenia  
sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands  
sk Slovakia (Slovak Rep)  
SLIP Serial Line IP  
SMP Symmetrical Multiprocessing  
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  
SO significant other (spouse, boy/grilfriend...)  
soc social issues  
SQL Structured Query Language  
su Soviet Union  
Subject: short description of contents of article  
Summary: one-line summary of article  
talk debate on controversial topics  
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol  
telnet Interactive telnet session  
th Thailand  
tn Tunisia  
tn3270 Interactive 3270 telnet session  
tr Turkey  
TTFN ta-ta for now Improper expression in your letters   
TTYL talk to you later Improper expression in your letters   
tuwien: local to the university (Technische Universitaet Wien)  
tw Taiwan  
ua Ukraine  
uc: all the University of California campuses  
ucsd: local to the UCSD campus  
uk United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)  
URL Uniform Resource Locator  
us United States  
usa: everywhere in the USA  
UT Universal Time  
UUCP Unix to Unix Copy  
uy Uruguay  
VBA Visual Basic for Applications  
VBScript Visual Basic, Scripting Edition  
ve Venezuela  
wais Access to a Wais database  
wais Wide Area Information Service  
WAN Wide Area Network  
WAV Waveform Data  
WINSOCK Windows Socket Interface  
world: everywhere in the world  
WRT with respect to Improper expression in your letters   
WUGNET Windows Users Group Network  
WWW World Wide Web  
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get  
Xref: local cross-posting information  
YMMV your mileage may vary Improper expression in your letters   
z39.50 Access to a database via a Z39.50-type query  
za South Africa  
zm Sambia  
zw Zimbabwe